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Actualités de l’association Cure PSP

Symposium de recherche internationale sur la PSP & DCB, 25-26 Octobre, 2018, Londres, UK

Join CurePSP and the PSPA for the First International Research Symposium on PSP & CBD at the Royal College of Physicians in London, UK.
There will be a welcome reception and talks the evening of Thursday, October 25, 2018, followed by a full day of scientific and clinical presentations and poster sessions on Friday, October 26, 2018.
Scientists from academia and pharma will present their latest research results in the field of PSP, CBD, and related diseases.

Le programme est disponible ici.

Toutes les informations sont disponibles ici.

Appel d’offre pour des projets de recherche sur la PSP et DCB

CurePSP is pleased to announce a Request for Proposals to our Venture Grant program. CurePSP has always believed that truly effective clinical interventions will follow good, solid basic scientific research. For this reason, CurePSP promotes research that helps generate an integrated picture of PSP, CBD and related diseases at preclinical and clinical levels. CurePSP believes that in the long term, research of this nature will prove indispensable in developing a prevention or cure for PSP, CBD and other prime of life diseases.

Toutes les informations sont disponibles ici.

— La date limite est fixée au 2 avril 2018 —

Up to four awards will be made with a max budget up to $100k/each for one, two, or three years. Early-career scientists are encouraged to apply.
For questions regarding the peer-review process, scientific aspects of the grant application (please read our research road map), and grant administration or finances, please contact Dr. Alex Klein at klein@curepsp.org or +1 347-294-2872.

Appel d’offre pour le financement d’une bourse pour étudiant

The research program will support students conducting summer research projects focused on PSP, CBD, or related tauopathies. This program seeks to encourage students at all undergraduate and graduate levels to pursue research in this field in the hope of making tauopathies a long-term area of research interest. Projects may be in basic, translational, clinical or epidemiological aspects of PSP, CBD, or related diseases.
Undergraduate, graduate, and medical students are eligible – as well as medical residents and clinical fellows. PhD students and postdoctoral fellows are not eligible for this program. The research must be performed under the supervision of a faculty mentor with expertise in the field. The maximum award is $3,000.

—La date limite est fixée au 12 février 2018—

Toutes les informations sont disponibles ici.