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Meeting sur les PSP

Ce meeting organisé par la Movement Disorder Society se déroulera à Munich (Allemagne) les 10-11 Octobre 2014

Informations et inscription : https://mds.execinc.com/edibo/PSP14DE

"Despite that research on PSP and related disorders has recently improved at all levels - molecular, brain circuitry, epidemiological and clinical - there has not been a single MDS-sponsored meeting about this devastating disorder. This course is intended to fill this gap, combining an update of the current understanding of PSP and a basic teaching course for those entering into this field. The most active researchers in the field of PSP from Europe will be invited to share their current knowledge and to discuss future research with the audience.
Learning Objectives
At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to accomplish the following :
• Identify features of classical and atypical PSP
• Describe the pros and cons of available diagnostic criteria for PSP
• Understand and discuss current research on novel pharmacological and non-pharmacological disease-modifying therapies for PSP
• Discuss recent advances in neuroimaging and CSF biomarkers to aid in differential diagnosis of PSP and other similar disorders
• Recognize and discuss potential ways to improve multidisciplinary care of PSP
Recommended Audience
This course is intended for general medical practitioners, neurology residents, specialist nurse practitioners and other paramedical equivalents in related fields with a working knowledge of diagnosis and general management of this condition."